Express Pet Transport NZ

Busta Tauranga Pound June 2020

We are a local, family-owned and operated company taking the utmost pride in what we do. With a background in professional animal care, we at EPT know how important it is to get your beloved pets from point to point in comfort and a safe environment.

What We Provide

Along with a top-notch service we provide everything you need for your pets travel in comfort and style.

  • A stabilised airline approved crate for your pet to travel in, our crates are built into our vans, have plenty of ventilation and are thoroughly sanitised between each pet.
  • Fresh bottled water (no tap water) so there is no risk of giving your pet contaminated water or anything being picked up along the way
  • For Cats and kittens, we provide high-grade kitty litter and kitty litter trays
  • For Puppies and Dogs, we provide Puppy pee pads in each crate
  • A blanket for your pet’s comfort (unless supplied).

Our vans are climate controlled throughout for your pet’s comfort, in warmer weather, we are also able to provide individual fans at no extra charge if you wish.

We take hygiene very seriously, all crates are cleaned thoroughly with Sterigene disinfectant which kills viruses and bacteria, between each pet, every single time, no excuses! 

Toileting is done individually for each pet, a walk on a lead for adults so they can toilet and stretch their legs. When travelling a puppy that is not fully vaccinated each toilet break is in a puppy exercise pen on a sanitary ground cover (no touching the ground). This is changed between each pet.

Each trip is driven by a courteous and helpful driver that is happy to help and go the extra mile to make your life easier. We are very passionate about animals and we love connecting each pet with their loved ones around the country, 

Our service is point to point, not door to door, however, we are in your area regularly so please have a chat with us and we will do what we can to ensure a stress-free service. Attached is a booking form if you wish to look and to have on file.


Phone: 022 130 7123