Our Mission

Assist our Animal Friends in New Zealand find a second chance at Love in a new Fur Ever Home with a loving family to call their own. Friends with tales support NZ Rescue groups showcase Furry Friends in the hope to find Foster support and Forever homes. All our friends deserve a chance to find a loving family. Friends with tales also offers information on all animal care and emergency care needs.

Latest Friends


Male • 2 and a half years old


Male • 5 years old


Female • 1 years old


Male • 1 and a half year old

Pet Care & Health

Puppy Starter Series 1: Alone Time Confidence Training

This puppy starter series by Pet School Academy includes strategies to help you overcome the most common puppy raising issues. The issues that if left unresolved,...

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The Importance of Vaccinating your Puppy

The Importance of Vaccinating your Puppy Keeping your beloved puppy happy and healthy in its first few months of life is super important for both you...

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Pet Friendly Gardens

Both Dogs and cats are naturally curious and can end up in danger in your garden. Keep them safe by following these simple tips....

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