The Importance of Vaccinating your Puppy

The Importance of Vaccinating your Puppy

Keeping your beloved puppy happy and healthy in its first few months of life is super important for both you and the safety of other dogs and puppies. Please do not take your puppy out anywhere until 5 days after their last (of the 3) vaccinations is completed. It is not safe for them to go to parks or on grounds other dogs may have been, due to virus particles that can live in the soil. Do not attend puppy school/group classes until they are fully vaccinated (around 12-15 weeks of age, depending on when their first vac is given).



Vaccinations take place every 3 weeks once you begin the process, beginning at 6-8 weeks of age. Your vet will provide you with a little booklet and stickers with dates on them to remind you what vaccinations your puppy has had and when they are due to come in for their next one.


1st Vaccination: between 6-8 weeks of age
2nd Vaccination: between 9-12 weeks of age
3rd Vaccination: between 12-15 weeks of age


If your pup is vaccinated at 6 weeks, they will then need another at 9 weeks and 12 weeks of age.
If a puppy is vaccinated at 8 weeks, they will need another at 11 weeks & 14 weeks.


These are always 3 weeks apart for a total of 3 vaccinations. All 3 are needed for your puppy/dog to be safe from viruses and common diseases which can cause major health problems (or death) to vulnerable canines.


A booster shot is due at 1 year – your vet will always keep you up to date with keeping vaccinations covered.


Be a responsible owner. Vaccinate your pets.


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