Pet School Academy – Puppy Training Masterclass


  • Help your puppy get things right in your home.

  • Channel excess puppy energy into activities that you find acceptable.

  • Set your puppy up for success by opening up a clear line of communication.

  • Take the stress out of toilet training your puppy.

  • Teach your puppy Alone Time confidence.

Learning how to avoid the 5 most common puppy raising mistakes, means you’ll find puppy parenting less overwhelming and your puppy will grow into a calm and well-behaved dog.

About Pet School Academy

Pet School academy was founded by Michal McCracken to help puppy mamas, dog walkers and pet sitters. A pet care industry expert and blogger, she offers resources and courses to help you raise a calm, happy and well behaved puppy. 

What’s my dog training philosophy?

Positive Reinforcement Training methods, mixed with a healthy dose of treating your dog like a dog.

Sometimes you need to adjust your own behaviour to get the best behaviour from your dog.

Treating your dog like a furry human can result in some pretty messed up doggie issues, so I’ll teach you how to avoid those and I promise, there’s nothing scary, no punishment for either of you, and it’s all positive and fun.

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