Jo’s Dog Coats

Here at Jo’s Dog Coats, our aim is to provide handmade, quality and affordable dog coats and accessories.

We have a range of Polar fleece and Waterproof Coats, bandanas, thick blanket/mats, along with handy carry bags to take on your adventures.

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All our coats are double-lined. With our polar fleece range, you have the option to choose what colours you’d like within our range, for the outer of the coat you may choose any patterned, checkered, tartan etc and the inner must be a plain colour from our range options.


At the moment we have three colour options for our waterproof range, blue, black or red, all waterproof coats come with hi-vis on them! For our waterproof colour options this is only for a limited time then will only have the option of black.

XS: 20-25cm  Polar Fleece: $25 |  WaterProof: $30

S: 30-35cm  Polar Fleece: $30 |  WaterProof: $35

M: 40-45cm | Polar Fleece: $35 |  WaterProof: $40

L: 50-56cm Polar Fleece: $40 |  WaterProof: $45

XL: 61-66cm Polar Fleece: $45 |  WaterProof: $50

2XL: 71-76cm Polar Fleece: $50 |  WaterProof: $55

3XL: 81-86cm Polar Fleece: $55 |  WaterProof: $60

Measure from Base of Neck to Base of Tail.  

All coats vary in price as it goes by the size of coat, there is an additional charge of $5 for alterations such as extra velcro or domes instead of the velcro, or to have a coat adjusted that is not within our sizing range.

We honour all our work and acknowledge that there is a great demand for this product, we look forward to having the opportunity with Friends with Tales.

You can place an order via messaging the Jo’s Dog Coats Facebook page, or txt/call 0273744880.

We are located in Wanganui.



Bandanas- Start at $15

Doggy Carry Bag- $30

Blanket/Comfort mat- $20 ( 73cm x 58cm)

Dog Coats Start at $25

Additional cost $7 track & trace postage.
Or $11 for rural