COVID-19 – Let’s look after our family and our pets, they are family too

We need to all take an approach that keeps our families safe which includes our pets. Our pets cannot catch, nor pass on the virus themselves but may carry it on their coats, and anything they wear including collars and leads. This happens when a person transfers the virus via droplets from sneezing or from their person.

Dogs need to be kept on leads during this time and obey the 2-metre separation rule, as it will ensure they do not seek pats from people who may transfer the virus. We know our pets love pats, but they are getting plenty at home right now! You can still take your dog on walks, however if you are looking for other ways to keep them entertained there are some great ideas out there! Teach them a new trick or find enrichment games for them. There are many groups on Facebook where you can get information on this.

With cats, during this time if possible, limit their time outdoors. If they are going into other people’s homes or having other people pat them, they could bring the virus home with them. Cats love enrichment too, so maybe think about how you can add some fun things for them to do as well. Facebook is a great source for ideas.

NZ is a pet-loving nation and we all love patting any cute animal we see out there! However, we need to remind ourselves why we are on lockdown and know in time we will be able to do all the things we enjoy once COVID-19 is under control.

In the meantime, use this time positively to teach your pets new tricks, or spend quality time with them doing the extra training you’ve talked about. Keep an eye on our site, as we will put up training advice and tricks as well!

If you are thinking of adding a pet into your family once the lockdown is finished, please start looking today. These things take time and during this time you can complete application forms online and get things underway. You can’t meet your new furry friend until the lockdown is over, but don’t give up looking.

Friends with Tales & Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming wants to say thanks NZ for the effort you are putting in during this time, and just remember, we are all in this together!

By Friends With Tales

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